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solve the translation problem by applying our cultural fluency to help ambitious brands, movie makers, authors and creatives in general find the best creative or artistic unity capable of being shared globally.


Copy editing





Translation and localization are the powerhouses behind global media, marketing and creative campaigns.

It is essential for maintaining accuracy, professionalism, clarity, consistency, legal compliance, cultural sensitivity, and optimization for different channels. It ensures that the written content in advertisements is error-free, engaging, and effectively communicates the brand's message to the target audience.

We go beyond literal translation, we infuse your content with creativity, skillfully capturing the essence, tone, and style of the original while adapting it to the nuances of the target language and culture.

Imagine seamlessly tailoring every aspect of your creative campaign to captivate your target market, speaking their language, understanding their culture, and connecting on a deeper level. That's what localization is all about. It's the art of transforming your product, campaign or service to feel as though it was born and bred within the local community. 

We also do

Bug Detection 

We meticulously examine your copy, web pages, product detail pages, posts, display campaigns, scripts, or video cases, uncovering any translation and localization bugs that might be lurking beneath the surface.

Cultural Consultancy

Our cultural experts provide invaluable insights and guidance, ensuring that your content aligns seamlessly with the local customs, beliefs, and sensitivities of your target audience.

Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines
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